After much thought, I've hardly posted since I've joined so I decided to leave uvu

Aww, it’s understandable, you’re welcome back anytime if you ever want to, though <3

TP!Link is now up for reservation.

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Myabe this masterlist could do with another admin to make it more active. They could be in charge with getting members and making adverts as well as helping you run it for when you're not here. This place could do with a bit of advertisement.

Yes, I’ve actually thought of that… several times to be honest, and I do know who I’ll ask (if that’s okay with them… ). 

I’m very bad when it comes to advertising or getting people’s attention in general, so it’s logical that I should ask for help.. And stop being so stubborn myself. Especially with how busy I am in real life, I really don’t want this place to die :( 

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Skyward Sword Zelda is now up for reservation!

Her roleplayer deactivated Zelda’s blog without prior notice so she’s up for grabs now!

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Aaand here's Midna! Sorry for the delay and omg SORRY FOR THIS URL absolutely every single canon thing I could think of was taken, I'LL CHANGE IT EVENTUALLY ;A; jskadnkas and yeah she's in imp form right now (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Why did I even take so long to do it, geez, sorry again :(

But anyways, everyone please follow Midna! <3

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Hm question. Will you be allowed to rp with people outside of the group?

No, members from this group are only allowed to roleplay with other members from here, otherwise it can get extremely confusing.

I just happened to write about that yesterday over here.

If you have anymore questions don’t hesitate to ask :)

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orz I'm so sorry for my inactivity here, I noticed that my main reason for that is that I feel no muse for any of the character I'm rp-ing, but I love them so much.... #firstworldproblems. ANYWAYS I realized that I should pic a chara that amuses me and that I use 24/7 (or at least try to) sooo yep, drop Eldin (at least until we get another dragon >_>) and reserve Midna for me, pretty please?

Why do I always write these things as if I were talking to someone else? Geez.

But anyways, Eldin (Skyward Sword) is now available for reservation and Midna is reserved!

Hope that with this I’ll stop being such a bad admin and rp-er and be with you guys more often OTL.

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Small notice.

I should have stated this a long time before, but better late then never, right?
Just wanted to remind you all that it is not allowed to roleplay with people from other masterlists, be it other Zelda characters or from other anime/games/etc. in general. It’s both extremely confusing and sort of rude, if you think about it.
Let’s take a random character for example, let’s say… Ruto, pretend we have one. How would their roleplayer feel if they saw that her fellow members chose to RP with other Rutos instead of her? Even if they’re all supposed to be from the same group in the first place? I don’t think she’d be very happy with that, now would she?

Let’s all try and roleplay within members of this group, yes? I know we’re a small number but if we commit to it I know it can be lots of fun! :) 

On a side note, I know that I haven’t been very active myself, but I’ll make an effort too, it’s very irresponsible coming from the Admin herself to be so absent. I’m truly sorry about this.

Hope you all understand this and know that I say it thinking of you and what’s best for this masterlist in general.

And never forget that I love you all ♥

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Sorry for the late comeback, but here is TP Link! I would do more with the blog but most theme makers are on the blackout currently ongoing ^^;

It’s alright! Welcome aboard! :D And sorry for the late reply on my part, though.

And don’t worry about it haha <3 Everyone please follow Link!

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May I reserve twilight princess Link please? ·u·

Sure! :D Come back with his blog in a week, yes~?

TP!Link is now reserved!

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Hi! This is the rper of Vaati. :3 Just letting you know that I am dropping him and just keeping OoT Link~ I need to cut down on my rp accounts due to the lack of time I have to be on them. ^^;

Aww, mkay then :( I know that feel very well myself, haha. And I should actually do the same OTL

Vaati is now up for reservation!

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